Financing Information

We offer Lease-to-Own for businesses. 

- Write off your entire monthly payment (faster than depreciation)

- Low monthly payments

- Keep your cash in the bank

- Retain borrowing power (keep your current lines of credit open)

- Put your new equipment to work right away to pay for itself as you go

- Easy budgeting

- Seasonal payment options

- Reasonable rates

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We offer Open Personal Financing for individuals with solid credit.

- Open loan.  Make lump sum payments, pay it off early, no penalties!

- Reasonable rates

- Flexible terms

- Low monthly payments.

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We offer Open Personal Financing for individuals with difficult credit.

- Fair rates and terms

- Easy application, fast approval

- Low monthly payments

"Our goal is to get you the lowest possible rate, regardless of your credit history. We specialize in loans for bankruptcy, divorce, bad credit, re-finance, proposal, repossession, new credit, missed payments, slow credit, and no credit. So whether you have good credit or bad we have the resources and the tools needed to put you back on track."

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