Warranty Information

  Warranty Procedure

If you experience a problem with your trailer please follow the steps below to ensure that your claim can be reviewed quickly.

  1. Please have your invoice number, the name on invoice, the VIN# of trailer, and photos of the issue (if applicable).

    If it is an axle or brake related issue that you are having, you will be required to provide the serial number off of the axle. This can be found on a white sticker on top of the axle. If your sticker has worn off there is a number engraved in the centre on the rear of the axle beam that consists of 9 digits.

  2. Call Bluewater Trailers warranty department to report the issue you are having. Bluewater Trailers will then report the problem to the manufacturer and determine if the issue falls within Warranty. Please read through your warranty information provided with your trailer at time of delivery/pick up for clarification.

  3. If the issue is deemed to be a warranty item, you may be required to bring your trailer back to Bluewater Trailers for repair. Bluewater Trailers is an authorized repair facility and most manufacturers do not authorize 3rd party repairs.

**Please ensure you do not have any third-party repairs done without authorization as you will run the risk of voiding your warranty coverage, and you will not be reimbursed. **

  1. If approved, warranty can be completed by qualified technicians. To complete work at another location the following must be done before repair is completed.

    a) Complete Steps 1 and 2 above

    b) Have a quote/estimate completed by a qualified technician and submit this to Bluewater Trailers Warranty Department email:
    warranty@bluewatertrailers.ca (note: shop rates should be close to ours $65/hour in order to be approved)

    c) After the above are completed warranty authorization will be given.

Bluewater Trailers will not be responsible for transportation costs, fuel, mileage, or loss of time costs due to warranty issues.

These expenses are not covered under any trailer manufacturer warranty. It is the customer responsibility to either return the trailer for warranty repair to our dealership OR to an approved repair facility within a timely fashion of reporting the issue.

No repairs are to be made until approval is given by Bluewater Trailers



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